"Heaven is looking at what humans are doing. The firmament has eyes" (人在干,天在看,苍天有眼). These were Premier Li Keqiang’s parting words for his colleagues in the State Council, China’s cabinet. This year’s meeting of the National People’s Congress, China’s Parliament, which ended on…
I shall use this page to distribute the government work report, budget report and planning report as they become available to me. Check for regular…
China’s rapid economic rise has had a major impact first and foremost on China’s people, but increasingly on the rest of the world. These consequences…
China's first population decline in 6 decades does not spell doom. But reforms are needed to make the economy better prepared for aging
2023 will see a rebound, and a different tone
A review of 2022 and a preview of 2023 and beyond
The authorities can take the protests as a nudge in the right direction
A monumental shift in United States policy vis-à-vis China took place on October 7. On that day, the US Commerce department released a 139 page document…
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