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Mr. Bert Good Day

Excellent description and narrative about the evolution of the competitive struggles taking place around the world to reach self-sufficiency and technological independence by the advanced and leading economies.

However, a missing link and central piece can be noticed in this work, which is what will be the outcome of all these interactions, actions and reactions that are happening between Russia and the Western countries and between China and the USA.

The rest of the missing links in this work can be defined as the chain and the cascade of impact resulting from these disputes. These chained repercussions beside the inflationary surge and the consequent recession, we do not find any reference in this publication about what will be the reaction of the rest of the BRICs members that are not mentioned here in this article.

The same can be said about what China is conducting as Trade War on other parts of the world which is completing what Russia is implementing as direct war and trade wars on the Eastern fronts of the West.

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