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Aug 9, 2023Liked by Bert Hofman

This is undoubtedly the clearest, most balanced, and authoritatively comprehensive insight on China's present situation. Bravo and kudos. Reads better than anything from Financial Times and Economist, and leaves WSJ, WashPost and NYT in the dust.

Hofman should next write two other critical pieces: (a) Decoupling/Derisking, and (b) Technological Sovereignty In The Era Of Geopolitical Divergence, both in the context of 'Rise Of The Rest' and the socio-economic future of humanity facing 'disparity and climate' challenges.

How we have all gotten to the present global tense situation could have come about from political decision-makers using their 'whack-a-mole' approach. In the case of US-China relations, the G7 leaders and think-tank(ed) players should more honestly consider the following differences between both countries which in turn inform on the universal challenge of how to manage bimodally (bimodal management which tries to solve composite problems by using linear methods to achieve seemingly opposing objectives), furthermore muddied by distorted news reporting in western mainstream media:

1. history and ideology

2. low base vs high base

3. displacement and containment

4. ethnonationalism and tech sovereignty

5. cooperative clean tech

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